Samantha Amazing Fight Rehearsal for Family Man 2

Cinema Vikatan

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    1. Priya Das - தமிழச்சி

      Plz unmaiyaana thamilarkal Report Adinga pa. Ulagame nambha thamil inatha thappa kaamichirukkanga nu kaduppila irukkum pothu, koncham kooda ina unarve illama intha video va porirukkanga na. Ivanungala ena seyyirathu??

    2. 43.Yogesh Waran

      Ban family man 2 😡

    3. Joseph Antony

      சமந்தா 🖕🖕🖕

    4. Ravindra Prabhu

      Samantha earned haters because she accused tamil people feelings but vikatan please don't publish & also don't be a support to this kind of people who want to portray tamil people as bad .

      1. Ravindra Prabhu

        Describing a story as tamil people linked to terrorist is fictional . As women will sleep with a man for her situation need as Samantha slept with men's in series. Later you will hold board stop abusing women. Kindly go through complete information behind Elam honour killing how many countries involved in that. Later you will know why these people are still calm .

      2. Aswin Manohar

        @Ravindra Prabhu you just see one scene and no context to the situation. Watch the whole series..they show a fictional world where terrorists take advantage of the Elam government

      3. Ravindra Prabhu

        Did elam womens sold themself or slept for a chance any were in the war. Comparing to Islam terrorists is that good manner to portray tamil people but actual they struggled for a equality they were killed brutally that was hided show cased tamil people as terrorist the reason behind is series was done by TELUGU directors.

      4. Aswin Manohar

        No she did not, watch the series and talk. The series only portrays what elam was. No disrespect to Tamil soldiers.

    5. jadso bell

      பாதுகாப்பு உபகரணங்களோடு சண்டை போட்டவர்கள் எங்கள் இன பெண்கள் அல்ல... உயிரை தன் மண்ணுக்காய் உதிர்த்த வீர மங்கைகள்...

    6. Bhuvanesh K


    7. Aardra Kundukulam

      Wow 🔥🔥🔥

    8. Kalyani Maddi

      It's good 👍 ..but I think Samantha can do the rehearsal with the shirt 🙄 ...such tops not necessary

      1. Pratheesha Kalaimannan

        Still judging women by her outfit 🤦‍♀

    9. investigators tamil

      என்னடா ஒரு பிளாஸ்டிக் சண்டை போடுது

      1. VEERA CUTZ


    10. Gugan subramanian


    11. Dinesh VG

      why is this on ????

    12. Siva Dhandapani

      Dai nannari pasangala 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 namma inatha kevala paduthurandra arivu illaya da potta

    13. Ashok harshavardhan

      Family man 2 ku neenga ean ivlo important tharinganu theriyalaye...


        Hmm ama bro 🔥

      2. investigators tamil

        விகடன் பெட்டி வாங்கி விட்டது

    14. Robin J


    15. Monster Tamizha

      Wonder women for indiaa🔥

      1. M Deleepan

        Name la mattum tamizha la iruntha pathathu. Manusula irukanum. Antha web series ah poi paru. Iva wonder women ah😒

    16. Aagarshna S

      First view first comment and first like

      1. Thalapathy heart beats

        Romba mukiam